Real or Not Real: The Woman Who Disappeared

I attended Central Michigan University in the small college town of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

One day I was out walking across the street from the city cemetery. I wasn’t concerned with classwork or anything; I was just walkin’ along feeling groovy.

My awareness was unfocused, or maybe, omni-focused.

I was aware that a woman was walking down the sidewalk toward me on the other side of the street, but I wasn’t paying attention to her. Then she disappeared. My attention was suddenly laser-focused on the space she had just occupied. I had just figured out she had disappeared when she re-appeared several yards farther along.

I was shocked to stillness. My feet stopped moving as I just stared at the space she hadn’t passed through. She would have had to do three or four faceplants end to end to fill that space. But she hadn’t.

I like to think the person I am today would have gone running after her to find out what she experienced. That me was too stunned to even think of it.

Even now, I know what I saw was not possible, but I did see it. I have since heard of at least one explanation (thanks to Jane Roberts/Seth).

Of course Hindu tradition says that what we call reality is really illusion. Or was this simply a crack in the Matrix?

What kind of objectively impossible things have reared their heads in your life?

I’m not talking miracles. Miracles make a kind of sense.

I’m wondering about the random occurrences that don’t make sense.

I’m beginning to think that the Universe has a whole life outside of my perception. And it really doesn’t care at all whether it makes sense to me.

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