Stumps Fascinate Me

Stumps are a window into the life history of the tree that left them behind.

Real or Not Real: A Catly Transformation

A cat changed color and size. A sleek little cat (all black), went behind a trash can out by my garage and came out the other side bigger, and mostly white with grey tabby spots (I had been calling her “Lacey.”). I was gazing out the back door, without any particular focus, when the little…

Real or Not Real: Lovage

I don’t know whether the temperature actually lowered or my ability to handle the heat improved.

Herbal First Aid for Stings

It’s probably growing in your yard already and you’ve been striving to rid the lawn of it. You might be glad it’s there if you get stung!

My Brave New World

Up until now, my creative efforts have been tucked in at the edges of life …

The Darkest Season: Solstice

What happens if we are cut off at this season from the noise and laughter. What if we are alone come Winter Solstice or Christmas or Hanukah or Kwanzaa or …