Magic: Humans Vs Cats Vs Herons

This has been bothering my brain for a couple of months now. In Keeper of Enchanted Rooms by Charlie H. Holmberg a man is approaching a house he knows to have magical properties, yet that promised magic does not have a great enough hold on his imagination to allow him to ignore the beauty of…

Disk flowers

I’ve been so proud of myself knowing the difference between disk flowers and ray flowers.

Squirrel Musings

I enjoy squirrels — particularly tree squirrels, but I can say I love chipmunks too (the greedy little cusses). I also love the idea of flying squirrels and I’m lucky to have ever seen one. But the story is about my new neighbors, the red squirrels.

Things Change

I often don’t notice change as it’s happening.

Winter & Me

Some of you may never experience a first snow of the season where you live. Where snow is a part of life it comes at different times for different regions. Ours came last week. As I gazed out at the falling snow I felt the sense of letting go and settling into the moment that…

Stumps Fascinate Me

Stumps are a window into the life history of the tree that left them behind.

Real or Not Real: A Catly Transformation

A cat changed color and size. A sleek little cat (all black), went behind a trash can out by my garage and came out the other side bigger, and mostly white with grey tabby spots (I had been calling her “Lacey.”). I was gazing out the back door, without any particular focus, when the little…