Disk flowers

I’ve been so proud of myself knowing the difference between disk flowers and ray flowers.

Things Change

I often don’t notice change as it’s happening.

Winter & Me

Some of you may never experience a first snow of the season where you live. Where snow is a part of life it comes at different times for different regions. Ours came last week. As I gazed out at the falling snow I felt the sense of letting go and settling into the moment that…

Herbal First Aid for Stings

It’s probably growing in your yard already and you’ve been striving to rid the lawn of it. You might be glad it’s there if you get stung!

The Darkest Season: Solstice

What happens if we are cut off at this season from the noise and laughter. What if we are alone come Winter Solstice or Christmas or Hanukah or Kwanzaa or …

Going into Darkness

Darkness takes away the surfaces of things. It takes away appearances and leaves behind the mystery. Those who manipulate appearances are left bereft in the night. With the surfaces gone, with the appearances gone, all that is left is the truth. We like the appearances and the illusion because they are easy to grasp. They…