From Macro to Micro: A Tale of Transformation, or Maybe Just Change

On my first visit to Old Cedar Bridge wetland (October 2011) just south of Minneapolis, the bridge was pretty much made of rust. The decking was not reliably there (3rd photo is looking through the decking to the wetland below). 

The fourth photo was taken October 2016. Note the sparkle!

The rest of the photos were taken in October 2021 drilling down from the big picture. I didn’t plan to do a trip every five years, it’s just how it panned out!

I realize that the preservation of the bridge is a great thing, but the experience of walking along the park has gone from a journey into wilderness in 2011 to a trip through a museum in 2021. Finding the abandoned bridge was discovering a mystery in 2011. But then, I’ve always been a fan of ruins.

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