Holiday Blessing: 2020

Hanukkah is almost over (perhaps when you read this, it is over). The Winter Solstice is coming up followed closely by Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years.

Normally, the time is full of noise and energy, by comings and goings, the rich food and gifts.

This year, with each household an island, we realize how much we really need each other. It shows us what a true blessing other people are, even the very people who push our buttons during “normal” years. 

This year we are cut off from the tumult and laughter. We are more alone at a time when tradition holds we ought to be packed tightly together, breathing each other’s breath and sharing ours.

How are you feeling without all the normal noise and activity?

In a strange way I’m feeling more connected with others this year than normal because I can feel all of us living on our individual islands doing the best we can. Everyone is cut off to some degree (some more than others, for sure). This puts us all in the same boat. Sort of. For too many of us the boat is leaking.

I feel the web that connects us, each island to every other.

In that spirit, I wish you a little magic, a miracle or two, and hope inspired by flashes of joy.

Stay safe, hang on, the new year will be better than this one has been!

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