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Yoga for Every Room in Your House

When so few of us have space at home to do yoga,
why not do yoga
in the space we already have?

In the kitchen,
In the bedroom,
Even in the bathroom!

Yoga for Every Room in Your House brings yoga home in a very practical way.

For those taking yoga classes this creative approach allows them to establish a practice at home.

For those without access to classes this book provides the means to get
started with yoga and begin to experience its amazing benefits.

Many of these exercises are accessible for people with physical disabilities.

Some of these exercises bring attention to areas of the body such as the face and hands,
which are often overlooked in exercise regimens.

Buy the book here:

Yoga for Every Room in Your House Received five stars from a top reviewer on Amazon.com.

Testimonial: Yoga for Every Room ... very helpful aid for doing my yoga at home… It is concise and enlightening. I especially enjoyed the last chapter (and the pictures of course).”

Roseann-yoga student

Jinjer Stanton lives, writes and teaches yoga in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been teaching for more than ten years and she studied yoga for about 20 years before that. She has written many articles for The Edge and Twin Cities Wellness magazines.

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