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Yoga Classes

There will be no classes either Thursday or Saturday during Thanksgiving week. After Thanksgiving, we will be meeting. I recommend that you attend as many yoga classes as you can during the holiday season. It will help you handle the stress!

Saturdays at Lake Hiawatha

These yoga classes are fun as well as mindful and beneficial. In all classes the last few minutes are devoted to meditation (see Just One Percent on the Miracles of the Spirit Webpage) so our bodies can fully integrate the benefits of the class just past. Wear clothes that are easy to move in and if you have a mat, bring it. If you don’t have a mat, bring a towel or blanket or rug. Additional nice helps to bring are a bath towel and woven fabric belt. We look forward to meeting you. You can call me at 612/722-9703 for more information.


Thursday Afternoon: Yoga instead of Coffee Break This class is great for releasing stress and centering. Take 45 minutes to reclaim your soul! 1:30  to 3 pm at Nokomis Yoga, 2722 East 50th Street (on the corner of 28th Ave. and 50th St., 3 doors down from Nokomis Beach Coffee Shop.). www.nokomisyoga.com.

Cost: $75 per six-week session. Drop-ins: $15. Classes are ongoing.


Saturday mornings: Hatha Yoga The room is full of windows overlooking beautiful Lake Hiawatha. The crowd is quirky, supportive and fun. All are welcome. Hiawatha Lake Rec Center from 10:45 am to 11:45 pm. (612/370-4930). 2701 E 44th St, Minneapolis.

Cost: Drop-in Only: $6. Classes are ongoing.

Outfit yourself with all your yoga needs here!