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A New Interview with Jinjer Stanton on Wellness Renaissance

I was surprised by how engaged I was even though I’d been there for the live show. That was not something I’d experienced before. I also hope you’ll comment on her podcasts. Feedback helps so much! . . . → Read More: A New Interview with Jinjer Stanton on Wellness Renaissance

Habits of Body

Queer Little Historians

Just a raindrop loitering earthward, All alone, Leaves a tiny “telltale story” In the stone.

Gravel tossed by teasing water, Down the hill, Shows where once in merry laughter Flowed a rill.

In the coal bed dark and hidden, Ferns (how queer!) Left a message plainly saying, “We’ve been here!”

You . . . → Read More: Habits of Body

What Get’s Us Into Yoga: Asana & Pranayama

These are the two limbs of yoga that the West attributes the most value to. They tend to forget that in yogic tradition spiritual study leads to the physical and study of the physical side leads to the spiritual!


We in the West tend to practice the asanas, or postures/exercises for purely physical . . . → Read More: What Get’s Us Into Yoga: Asana & Pranayama

Feeling It!

I learned a new word today: proprioception or “felt sense”. I was overjoyed to discover there is a word for a vital piece in successful yoga though the word itself is not too inspiring. It means a person’s awareness of the relative positions of the parts of his or her body in relation to one . . . → Read More: Feeling It!