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Seated Bedroom Yoga—Read Aloud

A variety of poses that are great for relieving the tension and stress that can build up in the neck, shoulders and back. They can also help work out the tightness that comes from being in the same position for long periods. View here.

. . . → Read More: Seated Bedroom Yoga—Read Aloud

Bringing Yoga to the Dental Surgeon!

I’ve been telling students for years that forward bends were about surrender and back bends were about trust, but it was all theory. I never thought to put them to the test before. . . . → Read More: Bringing Yoga to the Dental Surgeon!

Holiday Yoga

This is the season. Snow is falling. Holiday social commitments are filling up the calendar and somehow, in the tiny cracks of time between them and work, there is gift shopping to do and a life to run.

Little Sparrow Coping with the Snow!

Whatever holidays you’re celebrating, there is likely to be an . . . → Read More: Holiday Yoga

Trust and Surrender

Yoga poses fall into a number of categories and two major categories are forward and back bends. And they should always be done in pairs to encourage the body toward balance. Any time you do a forward bend, you should do a back bend and vice versa.

Forward bends have a connection to the ability . . . → Read More: Trust and Surrender