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Habits of Body

Queer Little Historians

Just a raindrop loitering earthward, All alone, Leaves a tiny “telltale story” In the stone.

Gravel tossed by teasing water, Down the hill, Shows where once in merry laughter Flowed a rill.

In the coal bed dark and hidden, Ferns (how queer!) Left a message plainly saying, “We’ve been here!”

You . . . → Read More: Habits of Body

Rounding Out the Sun Salutation (part 3 of free yoga class)

The sun salutation includes everything needed for a full yoga workout except: a balance pose, a twisting pose, a side bend and a hamstring stretch. Have fun with these versions. Tomorrow, a meditation to finish the class.


A New Experience

The yoga of a separated shoulder.

Initiated by a fall in the tub the three graceful curves that come together in delicate (but strong) balance have been released from their habitual relationship and I cannot do any yoga that requires physical symmetry. I must cultivate balance by using my mind to imagine the symmetry. Surprising . . . → Read More: A New Experience

Brahmacharya: A Balanced Life

Brahmacharya is difficult to translate into Western terms. It literally means “under the tutelage of Brahma.” Brahmacharya refers to celibacy, religious study and self-restraint. It resembles expected behavior of monks and nuns in Christian monasteries. Yet, in Indian society, many people who practice brahmacharya are married with children, because without knowledge of human love one . . . → Read More: Brahmacharya: A Balanced Life

A Little Historical Human Potential

Sit on your hands through the lead in and as they sing. They sing well enough, but what comes after is unbelievable!

Remember them as you do your back bends and balance poses.

I’d love to hear your reaction! To leave a comment, click the link that says, “no comments” and tell me what . . . → Read More: A Little Historical Human Potential

A Question of Balance

There is a misconception, I think, about the idea of balance. That somehow if we can achieve the right combination of, say, work, family and time for one’s self, we can then remain in that state indefinitely.

We think of balance as something we can get to and then just stay there. But even something . . . → Read More: A Question of Balance