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Bringing Yoga to the Dental Surgeon!

I’ve been telling students for years that forward bends were about surrender and back bends were about trust, but it was all theory. I never thought to put them to the test before. . . . → Read More: Bringing Yoga to the Dental Surgeon!

Why I Teach Yoga

Students one Saturday. The mix changes from one week to the next. They all bring light into my life!

I was a little nervous starting out. I did not have the body shape normally associated with yoga. And I could not sit in the lotus pose (or do many other of the advanced poses) . . . → Read More: Why I Teach Yoga

Cat helps with yoga. [VIDEO]

Cat helps with yoga. [VIDEO].

I’ve never seen anything like this! Inspiration for your sun salutations.

Rounding Out the Sun Salutation (part 3 of free yoga class)

The sun salutation includes everything needed for a full yoga workout except: a balance pose, a twisting pose, a side bend and a hamstring stretch. Have fun with these versions. Tomorrow, a meditation to finish the class.


Do the Sun Salutation With a Chair (part 2 of free yoga class)

The sun salutation is a popular sequence of poses that has a reputation for providing a complete yoga workout. That’s not quite true, but the third part of this free yoga class contains the kinds of poses needed to round out the sun salutation. It is the only asana that provides a cardio workout.

Generally . . . → Read More: Do the Sun Salutation With a Chair (part 2 of free yoga class)

Warming up for Your Yoga Workout

So you can do yoga at home here is the first portion of my free online class:

Eyeing It Up!

An article I read compared the percentage of Japanese school children who wear corrective lenses to the percentage of American school children who wear corrective lenses. The Americans beat the Japanese hands down. Should we be proud? Of course when the children graduated and went off to college, the difference between the two disappeared. Turns . . . → Read More: Eyeing It Up!

Keep Your Cool with Finger Yoga!

Okay! It’s supposed to be 100° today. How about another yoga trick to help you handle the heat?

Channeling the cooling energy!

There is a mudra (hand position that channels energy) you can use in conjunction with the cooling breath. It is called the Shunya mudra (or the Heaven mudra). It eases nausea and . . . → Read More: Keep Your Cool with Finger Yoga!

Fun for Your Back and Innards

Click on image below!

Reach for the Sky

A Body at rest tends to remain at rest — especially after a big meal. There can be a kind of satisfaction about that: like a pride of lions basking in the afterglow of a successful hunt. Less satisfying is the body forced to remain at rest by, say, a job that consists of sitting . . . → Read More: Reach for the Sky