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A New Interview with Jinjer Stanton on Wellness Renaissance

I was surprised by how engaged I was even though I’d been there for the live show. That was not something I’d experienced before. I also hope you’ll comment on her podcasts. Feedback helps so much! . . . → Read More: A New Interview with Jinjer Stanton on Wellness Renaissance

Rounding Out the Sun Salutation (part 3 of free yoga class)

The sun salutation includes everything needed for a full yoga workout except: a balance pose, a twisting pose, a side bend and a hamstring stretch. Have fun with these versions. Tomorrow, a meditation to finish the class.


Do the Sun Salutation With a Chair (part 2 of free yoga class)

The sun salutation is a popular sequence of poses that has a reputation for providing a complete yoga workout. That’s not quite true, but the third part of this free yoga class contains the kinds of poses needed to round out the sun salutation. It is the only asana that provides a cardio workout.

Generally . . . → Read More: Do the Sun Salutation With a Chair (part 2 of free yoga class)

Warming up for Your Yoga Workout

So you can do yoga at home here is the first portion of my free online class:

Hear Kinshasha Kambui and I Chat About Yoga

Our conversation covered a lot of ground. We meditated and did a little yoga along the way. I hope you enjoy what we had to say.

Radio Interview: Healthnotes

Jinjer Stanton and Kinshasha Kambui

Trust and Surrender

Yoga poses fall into a number of categories and two major categories are forward and back bends. And they should always be done in pairs to encourage the body toward balance. Any time you do a forward bend, you should do a back bend and vice versa.

Forward bends have a connection to the ability . . . → Read More: Trust and Surrender

Warming Up and Getting Centered Podcast

You can do these warm-up exercises either standing up or sitting down. Either way, beware of items within reach of your outstretched arms (forward, to the side, and behind you). If space is cramped, try keeping your arms bent and your hands close to your body.

Enjoy! These warm-up exercises are in the bedroom section . . . → Read More: Warming Up and Getting Centered Podcast

Balance Podcast

In case you need to be talked through balance poses. This podcast includes the palm tree and the pine tree (or simply “tree”) poses.



Buy Yoga for Every Room in Your House here.