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Rounding Out the Sun Salutation (part 3 of free yoga class)

The sun salutation includes everything needed for a full yoga workout except: a balance pose, a twisting pose, a side bend and a hamstring stretch. Have fun with these versions. Tomorrow, a meditation to finish the class.


Do the Sun Salutation With a Chair (part 2 of free yoga class)

The sun salutation is a popular sequence of poses that has a reputation for providing a complete yoga workout. That’s not quite true, but the third part of this free yoga class contains the kinds of poses needed to round out the sun salutation. It is the only asana that provides a cardio workout.

Generally . . . → Read More: Do the Sun Salutation With a Chair (part 2 of free yoga class)

Keep Your Cool with Finger Yoga!

Okay! It’s supposed to be 100° today. How about another yoga trick to help you handle the heat?

Channeling the cooling energy!

There is a mudra (hand position that channels energy) you can use in conjunction with the cooling breath. It is called the Shunya mudra (or the Heaven mudra). It eases nausea and . . . → Read More: Keep Your Cool with Finger Yoga!

Keep Your Cool: by Breathing

This summer is too hot for even the most fervent devotees of the sun. The heat is affecting many who never see a week of 90° days. People with fewer sweat glands are particularly adversely affected by this kind of heat.

Yoga has offerings that can mitigate the misery. The yoga associated with handling heat . . . → Read More: Keep Your Cool: by Breathing

Make Room, Make Room!

I have a confession to make. While I have been studying yoga since my philosophy of yoga course in college, for quite a while it was an off-again and on-again thing. Always, in the on-again phases I felt like the yoga was putting my body back together. Once, however, the off-again phase lasted for years.

. . . → Read More: Make Room, Make Room!

Sue showed us how it’s done!

Back when I introduced this to my classes, no one was able to do the Wheel Pose. We could lift either our shoulders up off the floor or our hips. My goal in introducing the pose was merely to make a start. Several people in my various classes said, rather sadly, “But I . . . → Read More: Sue showed us how it’s done!

Saturday Yoga

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