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A New Interview with Jinjer Stanton on Wellness Renaissance

I was surprised by how engaged I was even though I’d been there for the live show. That was not something I’d experienced before. I also hope you’ll comment on her podcasts. Feedback helps so much! . . . → Read More: A New Interview with Jinjer Stanton on Wellness Renaissance

The Five-Year Experiment Has Reached the Critical Phase

The background noise in my head was negative. Maybe mantras could help me break the negative thinking habit. That was the beginning of the journey to facing my fear of silence. . . . → Read More: The Five-Year Experiment Has Reached the Critical Phase

Mousenapped: The First Review!

mousenapped cover

From Diana Donovan, Senior Reviewer at Midwest Book Review.

“Mousenapped comes from a mouse’s perspective on life and opens with the fall of darkness: the perfect time for protagonist mouse Roland to embark on his usual insect hunt.

“Middle school readers who love animal protagonists will find Mousenapped offers a unique series of encounters . . . → Read More: Mousenapped: The First Review!

How to choose Yoga Mats

This is something that can be very difficult. To find a functional yet ecologically friendly yoga mat.

I found this article useful!


There’s More to Yoga Than Meets the Western Eye

The history of yoga has been steeped in controversy. There have been many definitions through the ages and many schools of yoga and they keep splintering even now as this person or that discovers a way of practice that diverges from a tradition and suits a class of students better than the parent did. . . . → Read More: There’s More to Yoga Than Meets the Western Eye

Visitors to Longfellow Garden


Lured by the salvia: swarms of juvenile ruby throated hummingbirds.

By invitation from the gardeners: artichokes! Out of ten plants only two had blossoms. Our season’s just too short. I loved seeing them though.

Doing Yoga in the Office

This is the final group of poses from Yoga for Every Room in Your House read aloud. Potentially, it is the most useful because working in a office imposes both mental and physical stresses on a person. Luckily, yoga addresses and mitigates those stresses!

. . . → Read More: Doing Yoga in the Office

The Bunny Invasion

The grown up bunny in my back yard has had at least two litters of babies this summer. I know this because I first saw this bunny early on:

Then, a little over a week ago, this little dude showed up:

And just this Thursday they came together:


Finally, here’s a . . . → Read More: The Bunny Invasion

In Emulation of Writers I Admire

I follow the blogs of some fine writers from the southwest, who talk about (and photograph) what’s happening with their animal friends and in the landscape around them. Would people in places alien to me, might enjoy seeing a bit of the every day here, in the land of extreme seasons? . . . → Read More: In Emulation of Writers I Admire

Yoga in the Living Room

Another chapter read aloud! This is the yoga for couch potatoes. You could also say, it exercises body parts that normally get short shrift in an average work out: hands, feet and face. Finally, the lion pose boosts the immune system. A lot of win for little effort.

Again, I apologize for how long . . . → Read More: Yoga in the Living Room