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In Emulation of Writers I Admire

I follow the blogs of some fine writers from the southwest, who talk about (and photograph) what’s happening with their animal friends and in the landscape around them. Would people in places alien to me, might enjoy seeing a bit of the every day here, in the land of extreme seasons? . . . → Read More: In Emulation of Writers I Admire

An Unwitting Invitation to Rodents

A few years ago I was sitting at my computer in the basement working on one of the chapters near the end when I felt something on my lower leg. I was going to swipe at it unconsciously but I stopped my hand mid-motion and looked instead. There was an intrepid little brown and white mouse clinging to my pantleg. Not a grasshopper mouse, it was a deer mouse, but still! . . . → Read More: An Unwitting Invitation to Rodents

Are You Hot Enough Yet?

I’m reminded that however miserable I might be in the heat and humidity, nature is luxuriating in it.

But you and I can take the cooling breath and maybe handle the heat a bit better. The explanation follows the photo.

The important part is the shape of the tongue! If you are . . . → Read More: Are You Hot Enough Yet?

I’ve been so compulsive

. . . → Read More: I’ve been so compulsive