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About Jinjer

Jinjer has trouble confining herself to one interest, or even two.  Besides yoga, her interests include: science and metaphysics, human nature and the natural world, healthy living and enjoying the pleasures and beauties of the world. This means that her blog meanders a bit (okay, a lot).

Jinjer & Yoga

She began her yoga journey with a philosophy class in college and the philosophical aspects of yoga color her teaching style even if it is seldom overtly discussed. Her yoga book, Yoga for Every Room in Your House (a Midwest Book Awards finalist), came about through two streams in her yoga practice: 1. customizing yoga poses for a handicapped student, and 2. needing to find a way to accomplish a yoga practice at home in limited space. That first factor has morphed into an awareness that many people have unique physical challenges that are not taken into consideration in most yoga classes. This means that Jinjer is continually exploring new ways to help her students get the most out of their yoga practice.

A Story for Children and Adults

What a conglomeration of things combined to create Mousenapped! The main character, Sara, is a little girl who is different. She has psychic abilities that her mother sees as evil. Sara is based on a number of people Jinjer has met in her metaphysical pursuits who could see auras and dead people from an early age and were forced to shut that part of themselves off in order to gain approval in childhood. They were able to open those senses up again as adults, but not everyone does or can. The pain goes too deep. The mouse characters are outgrowths of Jinjer’s amateur naturalist efforts, particularly Roland, the grasshopper mouse. Aunt Nelly is informed by Jinjer’s own explorations of, not only metaphysics, but medicinal herbalism. Her farm is a fantasy. And Nora, Sara’s mom, is a composite of some Christians Jinjer has known who are well-meaning but have a limited view of their faith.

In the Works . . .

A series of short stories about the impossible things that happen every day. More to come . . .