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Toward a More Perfect Union

The Wicked Witch of the West, By William Wallace Denslow - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wicked Witch of the West, By William Wallace Denslow – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

To quote the Wicked Witch of the West, “What a world! What a world!” There is nothing so astonishing as seeing fiction being written across reality. I have read dystopic science fiction indistinguishable from the 2017 POTUS’s  triumphant dismantling of the U. S. of A. Imagine!

“It can’t happen here.”

Despite decades of warnings and wisdom, somehow it has happened. But maybe we can wrench opportunity out of the mayhem.

What if we get our heads together over here in the corner and redesign how the country works from the ground up? We can use the Constitution as a starting point and assume that there is a spark of useful perception in every point of view—however misguided any proposed solutions may seem to us.

What if we were to take advantage of this period of madness and destruction, and decide to rebuild creatively and compassionately? What if we were to look for new ways to express the intentions of the founding fathers in real, practical terms, taking into account how very different the country and the world are now from back in 1776. Let us take into account how different technology is now and how global civilization and economy have changed.

What if each of us were to start generating ideas? We could collaborate to make the ideas we like stronger while letting the ideas we don’t like fall by the wayside without wasting our time explaining why they won’t work or telling people how stupid they were to think of it. Either they will figure it out for themselves and propose something better or they will live in a micro-universe of their own creation. If we feel the urge to troll on something, maybe that means there’s something there deserving of attention. In that case we would excavate that nugget, give it a more fitting setting, so it can garner the attention it deserves and be polished bit by bit until it dazzles all who behold it.

We can each start with a piece that is important to us. Here are some questions to prime the pump. What would make me feel proud and happy? What would make my life easier? How can we make sure that all citizens have what they need to be safe and healthy? How can we make sure that the talents and abilities of all of our citizens are used effectively? How can we make sure our tax money goes to fund the things We The People think are important? How can we make sure that our infrastructure is kept in good repair and up to date?

I can see a train of my own hobby horses coming up the track. Some of them may have revealed themselves already, so I’ll stop asking that kind of question. Instead, I’ll ask, What questions would knock at the doors to solutions as yet unimagined? What questions have I not asked that burn in your heart?

I’m not sure we’d need to worry too much about tacking one thing onto another, or worrying about a structure (or order of precedence), just now. Just start the ideas flowing. Someone out there will know when the time is right to start drawing the pieces together.

Some ideas I’ve been playing with:

  • I’ve been wondering for more than a year now if there could be some criteria candidates for political office should have to meet before they could ever get on the ballot.
  • Should those who claim to report news (whether print, television, web, or media as yet unknown) be required to live up to the journalistic standards that once made Watergate a household name?
  • When I do my taxes I’d like to be able to choose where they go. For example: infrastructure and EPA. Many things are important so maybe, on my electronic return, I could UNcheck the items I feel are counter to the well-being of my country and her citizens. This wouldn’t change how much I pay, just where the funds go. Maybe the military (as the 1970s poster suggested) would have to survive on bake sales and teachers could make a living wage.
  • If something in any state is causing problems for their neighbors, the neighbors get to point it out along with a reasonable solution. The in-staters then have the responsibility of remedying the situation though not necessarily by the means suggested.

What measures would you take to construct a government that works for all of us?

No unkindness. If you don’t like someone’s idea, ignore it. If you do like it, feel free to say so, and even build on it. Maybe together we can work out the kinks and the details. If we can start getting the ideas out there, they can start working in our collective subconscious and little by little a new model of how our society can be organized can arise.

We begin to build a better world by envisioning it. Share your positive vision here or in whatever social media platforms you participate in. I look forward to seeing how our collaboration evolves.

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