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In Emulation of Writers I Admire

I’m going to talk about the world around me more. I follow the blogs of some fine writers from the southwest, Doranna Durgin and Susan Albert, and they like to talk about (and photograph) what’s happening with their animal friends and in the landscape around them. I love seeing how the rhythm of life differs down there where winter is an alien place. It made me wonder whether people in places alien to me, might enjoy seeing a bit of the every day here, in the land of extreme seasons. I’d love to hear what you think!

I have no animal companions and I don’t live in the open spaces like they do, but the natural still asserts itself into my daily life. For instance there is a baby bunny living in my backyard. That is, I believe there is only one. I’ve never seen more than one at a time, so I think he’s alone. The first time I saw him his appearance was quickly followed by a marsh hawk landing on the neighbor’s fence. Had he seen the little guy and hoped for a meal?

Since the baby bunny moved in I haven’t seen the bigger one that I used to see periodically. In fact, the last time I saw him (her?) was last Winter out behind the house.

Just minding his own business. Waiting for me to take myself off so he could chow down on the frostbitten vines that were  lifted above the deep snow by the fence they climbed so enthusiastically in the summer.


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