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Announcing: Yoga for Every Room in Your House is out in ebook form!

If you’ve wondered why there’ve been no new “read aloud” videos for a few weeks, it’s because I’ve been working hard to bring YFERIYH to your ereader. You can get an electronic version today at Smashwords for $1.79 using coupon code: AJ54F.

Notice the striking new cover! All the same helpful information inside.

At Smashwords you can download the format that fits your ereader (or computer) and enjoy. You could also wait a couple of weeks until it shows up on all the major ebook retailers like iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and others. Kindle takes some special handling so it will be a bit longer.

I particularly like the way it looks in iBook format!

Finally, have you looked into Goodreads? I visited because current wisdom says that an author should have an author page on Goodreads. I stayed because I can keep a record there of all the books I’ve read and want to read. I hope I live long enough! I’ve just barely started.

If you set yourself up there, perhaps you’ll follow me, or friend me, or whatever they call it. And, if you’ve read YFERIYH, perhaps you’ll give it a rating, better yet, a review!

Have a grand day!

Namaste: The spirit in me salutes the spirit in you. We’re all in bodies together.

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