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Guy Doing Chair Yoga While Dog Tries to Get His Attention

The guy is so serious demonstrating some chair yoga. So is his dog—not demonstrating anything but devotion.

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Looking for nice gifts this season?

Yoga for Every Room in Your House is included in Grandma’s Briefs Holiday gift guide. http://www.grandmasbriefs.com/holiday-guide-2012

If there’s a yogi on your list, visit my Yoga Gear page and pick out something nice!

In the meantime, remember to breathe and stay with your own practice. It can get you through . . . → Read More: Looking for nice gifts this season?

If you can’t visit India yourself . . .

Camel merchant caring for his stock.

View these gorgeous Photos by Roger Bella – photo.net.

Interview with Monique Danielle about Her Experience with Scoliosis and Yoga

Monique visited one of my classes and I was fascinated with her experience of bringing her body back into balance through yoga. -Jinjer

After you drew attention to your scoliosis, I looked at your back and saw that incredible, tight, s-curve. And I wondered, what can it be like to grow up with that? How . . . → Read More: Interview with Monique Danielle about Her Experience with Scoliosis and Yoga

An Unbiased Review of Yoga Class

Pedal to the Mettle : Pumping Irony: Experience Life Magazine.

Guest Blog: Yoga for Healing

Solveig Corbin

Solveig Corbin is the owner of Nokomis Yoga in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her studio is one of the places where I teach. She is an Embodyment® Yoga Therapist and teaches Restorative Yoga in the Svaroopa® style. I thank her for providing this post. Her story reminds me of how important it is to . . . → Read More: Guest Blog: Yoga for Healing