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Releasing the Misery of Youth

Age is a funny thing. When I was “young,” that is, under 25, I believed I was superior to older people by virtue of my age. There was a lot of that going on back then, what with the “you can’t trust anyone over 30” meme and all. But, I was young, . . . → Read More: Releasing the Misery of Youth

Earth From Mars: Can You See Me Smile?

Do you see your grief or joy? Do you see the Taliban or global warming?

On any given day, this is how we look from space. When Julius Caesar was murdered in the street. When President Obama was elected. When my dearest uncle died. When Jesus, or Muhammad, or Buddha was born. This is . . . → Read More: Earth From Mars: Can You See Me Smile?

The Body is What You Wear, Not Who You Are

And yet, it is also a piece of conceptual sculpture made out of the stuff of the universe. There is stardust in these bones and in this blood — no matter the raw shape that is birthed into the world. The shaping of the sculpture is a collaboration of will and of society, of yearning . . . → Read More: The Body is What You Wear, Not Who You Are

Finding the Right Yoga — For Tortuous Minds

I found this Chart on a blog called Yoga Dork.

Complex, yet oddly apt!