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A New Experience

The yoga of a separated shoulder.

Initiated by a fall in the tub the three graceful curves that come together in delicate (but strong) balance have been released from their habitual relationship and I cannot do any yoga that requires physical symmetry. I must cultivate balance by using my mind to imagine the symmetry. Surprising . . . → Read More: A New Experience

An Unwitting Invitation to Rodents

A few years ago I was sitting at my computer in the basement working on one of the chapters near the end when I felt something on my lower leg. I was going to swipe at it unconsciously but I stopped my hand mid-motion and looked instead. There was an intrepid little brown and white mouse clinging to my pantleg. Not a grasshopper mouse, it was a deer mouse, but still! . . . → Read More: An Unwitting Invitation to Rodents

Getting the History of Yoga Right

It’s so easy to take things out of context! Getting the History of Yoga Right in the New York Times. ~ Jason Birch | elephant journal.