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Saucha: Clean Body, Clean Spirit

Niyamas are behaviors and ways of being in the world (virtues) that are valuable to cultivate within ourselves. There are five of them just as there are five yamas. The first niyama is:

Saucha (purity of the body) combines the poses and breathing exercises of hatha yoga with dietary practices and keeping the body . . . → Read More: Saucha: Clean Body, Clean Spirit

Aparigraha: The Heart of Thanksgiving

Aparigraha (“You shall not hoard” or “You shall not covet”). Thanksgiving is all about non-hoarding. It is the time for sharing abundance and taking care of each other. The time for celebrating all that the universe has provided.

Hoarding (could also be called coveting what one doesn’t need) shows poverty of spirit and indicates . . . → Read More: Aparigraha: The Heart of Thanksgiving

Brahmacharya: A Balanced Life

Brahmacharya is difficult to translate into Western terms. It literally means “under the tutelage of Brahma.” Brahmacharya refers to celibacy, religious study and self-restraint. It resembles expected behavior of monks and nuns in Christian monasteries. Yet, in Indian society, many people who practice brahmacharya are married with children, because without knowledge of human love one . . . → Read More: Brahmacharya: A Balanced Life

Asteya: Stealing from Self

Asteya means non-stealing (or, thou shalt not steal). There is a level at which each of us is part of everyone and every thing and from that perspective theft is a meaningless concept. But most of us don’t live in that perspective. If we did we’d have no inclination to take anything from anyone.

From . . . → Read More: Asteya: Stealing from Self