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Satya: Lies and Self-destruction

The second yama is Satya. Satya corresponds directly to the biblical commandment, “You shall not lie.” . . . → Read More: Satya: Lies and Self-destruction

Ahimsa: What’s in it for Me?

Ahimsa, translated commonly as “non-harming.” It is the yama associated with Mahatma Gandhi and non-violence. It arises from the recognition that all beings are one with the Supreme Being and, as such, are part of ourselves. . . . → Read More: Ahimsa: What’s in it for Me?

For Beginners in Yoga Too!

There was a post on Facebook today from Ira Glass on What Nobody Tells Beginners. Please read this quote because it is true for yoga too. Nobody starts out strong and supple, full of stamina and centered. We start from where we are. We do the best we can today. We work toward where . . . → Read More: For Beginners in Yoga Too!