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Keeping Cool with the Yoga You Know

Some of the yoga postures that are part of our regular yoga workouts can have a cooling affect. They concentrate on the belly or the core where heat is concentrated.

First, try a twisted pose. An easy one to do any time is the chair twist. Sit at the front edge of your chair. Place . . . → Read More: Keeping Cool with the Yoga You Know

Keep Your Cool with Finger Yoga!

Okay! It’s supposed to be 100° today. How about another yoga trick to help you handle the heat?

Channeling the cooling energy!

There is a mudra (hand position that channels energy) you can use in conjunction with the cooling breath. It is called the Shunya mudra (or the Heaven mudra). It eases nausea and . . . → Read More: Keep Your Cool with Finger Yoga!

Keep Your Cool: by Breathing

This summer is too hot for even the most fervent devotees of the sun. The heat is affecting many who never see a week of 90° days. People with fewer sweat glands are particularly adversely affected by this kind of heat.

Yoga has offerings that can mitigate the misery. The yoga associated with handling heat . . . → Read More: Keep Your Cool: by Breathing

What Do Students Like About Yoga?

Breath and Spirit

In case you wish you’d been able to go to Duluth to hear my talk, here is a piece of it!

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