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A Doorway to Understanding

I just finished reading a novel by Turkish author Elif Shafak. It’s called The Forty Rules of Love. It’s about the Sufi poet, Rumi. Maybe you’ve heard that name before, maybe not. Sufism is a mystical expression of Islam.

This book is also about a Jewish housewife in New England who is finding her life . . . → Read More: A Doorway to Understanding

Are You Hot Enough Yet?

I’m reminded that however miserable I might be in the heat and humidity, nature is luxuriating in it.

But you and I can take the cooling breath and maybe handle the heat a bit better. The explanation follows the photo.

The important part is the shape of the tongue! If you are . . . → Read More: Are You Hot Enough Yet?

Bringing Yoga Home

Below are the first four segments of my columns about the Eight-fold path in The Edge: Soul of the Cities. There are two more to come and I’ll post the links as soon as they are available.

Page 27

Page 19

Page 25 Top of page 11.

Page 29

Buy Yoga for Every Room . . . → Read More: Bringing Yoga Home