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Missed Opportunities :-)

I went to the “Edge Life Psychic Symposium” this weekend to market Yoga for Every Room in Your House. While there I met some nifty folks and ran into some that I haven’t seen in a while. One of them is a man I worked with when I was a minister at Lake Harriet Spiritual . . . → Read More: Missed Opportunities 🙂

Like a Light Switch Has Been Thrown

It’s summer in Minneapolis.

See the tangled stems of poppies ready to burst!

See the alien crystals of chive flowers.

And see the perfect bearded iris.

Those of you who love heat and humidity, go out and find a likely bit of nature to contemplate.

Those of you who wilt in the heat, find a . . . → Read More: Like a Light Switch Has Been Thrown

Make Room, Make Room!

I have a confession to make. While I have been studying yoga since my philosophy of yoga course in college, for quite a while it was an off-again and on-again thing. Always, in the on-again phases I felt like the yoga was putting my body back together. Once, however, the off-again phase lasted for years.

. . . → Read More: Make Room, Make Room!

Sue showed us how it’s done!

Back when I introduced this to my classes, no one was able to do the Wheel Pose. We could lift either our shoulders up off the floor or our hips. My goal in introducing the pose was merely to make a start. Several people in my various classes said, rather sadly, “But I . . . → Read More: Sue showed us how it’s done!

The Yoga of Going Green

I came across this article 43 Creative Ways to Reuse or Recycle Your Old Yoga Mat and I love the idea. Most mats come under the heading of things that will still be around when humanity is long gone. There’s not a lot we can do about that, but we can find new ways to . . . → Read More: The Yoga of Going Green

Balance Podcast

In case you need to be talked through balance poses. This podcast includes the palm tree and the pine tree (or simply “tree”) poses.



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A Little Historical Human Potential

Sit on your hands through the lead in and as they sing. They sing well enough, but what comes after is unbelievable!

Remember them as you do your back bends and balance poses.

I’d love to hear your reaction! To leave a comment, click the link that says, “no comments” and tell me what . . . → Read More: A Little Historical Human Potential

More Computer Play

Buy Yoga for Every Room in Your House here.

Playing with My Computer

Buy Yoga for Every Room in Your House here.

Saturday Yoga

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