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  • The Edge: Soul of the Cities

    This book was recommended for summer reading in Edge Magazine. That reviewer said:


    Here is a highly practical book that provides you step-by-step instructions on how to do yoga ? where you live. hatha yoga poses and other practices that embody the eternal principles of yoga are offered for every room in your house.


  • Lavendar Magazine

    Yoga for Every Room in Your House recommended for Winter reading by Lavender Magazine's Page Boy who said,


    ". . . she (Jinjer Stanton) opens bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and office for the practitioner - with succinct instructions and playful illustrations."

  • A Top Amazon Reviewer

    Yoga for Every Room in Your House recieved five stars from a top Amazon reviewer who said,


    If you are home-bound, for whatever reason, or if you just don't have time to bounce down to the local yoga studio for a class, you can still do yoga in any room in the house. . . . you can use these yoga moves to improve health at home and with little more expenditure than this book

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