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Spirit that moves in all things,
whose ways encompass Earth, Air, and Sea
and whose nature is revealed to us in the heart of fire:
Let me be aware of your presence
and faithful to the collaboration of our wills.


Keep me true to my best self,
 guarding me against dishonesty in purpose and deed,
and helping me to live so that
 I can stand unashamed and unafraid
before all peoples and before you.


Protect those in whose love I live.


Give me the will to do the work of an adult
and to accept my share of responsibilities
with a strong heart and cheerful mind.


Make me respectful and considerate
of those entrusted to my leadership and care
and make me faithful to the work I'm here to do.


If I am in doubt, steady my faith;
If I am tempted to betray my truest self and purpose,
make me strong;
If I should fail in my effort,
give me the courage to try again.


Guide me with the light of truth
and keep before me the lives of those
who have exemplified the path I strive to walk.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


• • • • •

        The prayer above is heavily indebted to the Naval Academy's Midshipman's Prayer


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