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About the Mice


All mice are members of the rodent family along with squirrels and rabbits. They are both generally nocturnal and when they meet it doesn't generally go well for the house mouse.


Their bodies are both about the same length, but the house mouse's tail is as long, or longer than his body and the grasshopper mouse's tail is a bit shorter. They look very similar in a picture but they differ greatly in behavior. Just look at these videos to see. Sorry about any commercials, but Matilda was just too cute.


The House Mouse


When I was writing this story, I had my computer set up in the basement. I was working on one of the last chapters when I suddenly felt my pant leg moving. I looked down and saw a pretty little mouse climbing up my leg. I jumped up and shook the fabric and the little guy scampered away as scared as I was. I got a tiny live trap and put a smear of peanut butter inside. Within hours he took the bait and could be released down by the creek. I'm not as tolerant as Nellie about sharing my house.


The Grasshopper Mouse


My friend, Sandy, told me this story because she was completely baffled. She'd never heard of grasshopper mice when this happened.


She had gone out to her garage on an errand and heard a skittering sound. She looked around and up on s shelf she saw a little gray mouse running for all it was worth to the end of the shelf and jumped to the floor. It kept right on running. Only a little behind it came a little brown mouse. It jumped from the shelf a little before the point at which the other mouse had jumped and cut across to intercept it. Like a wolf taking down an elk, it grabbed the fleeing mouse by the throat and gave a shake.


It paused to look defiantly up toward Sandy before dragging his quarry off to feed his babies.

Characters Herbs Mice Talent
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