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    Yoga For Every Room in Your House

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    Jinjer Stanton


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    Yoga for Every Room in Your House

    by Jinjer Stanton, $14.95, 2010, Great Bear Press


    We all know that hatha yoga is a powerful tool for wellness, fitness and bringing body and mind into harmony with one another. Just taking a weekly class can have a huge impact on a person?s sense of well-being while building strength, flexibility and overall health especially those who do yoga daily, either by building a home practice or by taking daily classes.


    For many of us it is nearly impossible to do yoga outside of class though, because we have to move furniture out of the way to have space, then move it back to watch TV or have friends over. That can mean that the only time we do yoga is in class.


    In Yoga for Every Room in Your House local author Jinjer Stanton views former obstacles as props so that every room in the house can act as a yoga studio (or a piece of one). She's come up with a surprisingly diverse set of exercises with the result that you can get a complete workout without moving furniture.


    Jinjer's attitude is that any yoga is better than none. It?s fun to do the warrior pose with a spatula in one hand and a hot pad in the other and it had the effect of bringing me to the present moment. Taking a moment to do the cat pose while filling the tub for the kid?s bath is snatching a moment for oneself.


    Each chapter focuses on a specific room in the house (kitchen, living room, etc.) and the poses are illustrated with fun photos of cheerful people doing the poses in the rooms they are intended for.


    Because this book is likely to find its way into the hands of those who know little about yoga, Jinjer included a section about the larger context of hatha yoga, including its history and the philosophy behind it. There is a section with print and electronic resources as a jumping off place for more exploration.


    Jinjer's language is informal and light-hearted while remaining clear.


    Whether you are a couch potato ready to change or a slender, flexible yoga paragon, you can have space limitations! Bringing yoga to the kitchen, the sofa and bed means you can integrate yoga into your life in between yoga classes to work out those little kinks along the way. Jinjer Stanton lives and teaches yoga at Nokomis Yoga in South Minneapolis. Visit her website: http://www.jinjerstanton.com for information on how to get her book (or take a class).

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