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One day I fell down the basement stairs. I really tumbled. When I got to the bottom I already had some nasty looking bruises (they don't usually show up immediately) as well as an impressive bump on one shoulder and what looked like a second knee cap on the kitty-corner (or catty-corner) knee. A neighbor had given me a nice comfrey plant that spring and I'd just read about treating bruises with a comfrey poultice. Because I knew how bad I would hurt the next day, I went out and picked enough leaves that all my worst injuries could be treated.


In the blender, I chopped up all the leaves with a small amount of water and placed wads of the resultant guk on each injury and held it all in place with dish towels wrapped snugly and tied with twine.


The next morning all the places where I'd had comfrey looked as though they'd never been injured. The lesser bruises who'd taken time to appear were dark and impressive.


I was convinced that herbs can really work!

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