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I Light My Candle


In the Name of the Bee


Sisters, We Are Called to Sing


The Great Wheel Turns: Harvest


The Road to Bethlehem (It's Cold in the Desert Tonight)




Carol Singer's choral works are available in PDF format by contacting Carol at csinger [at] usiwireless.com. Preview copies for perusal are available on this website on the catalog page for each piece. If you would like to purchase a piece for performance, the standard price is $1 for the PDF file of the piece, plus an additional $1 for each member of your choir. After you receive your PDF, you must print out the necessary copies yourself.


However, we understand that many choirs have limited music budgets. Discounts are often available, so please ask about this in your initial email to Carol.


This method of marketing sheet music from the Internet is becoming the norm. It is simple and direct, and in my opinion, the customer gets a great deal! In this age of heightened awareness of composers' and artists' rights, I consider this method to be a brilliant solution to the problem of inadvertent musical piracy that used to be rampant in choruses both professional and amateur.



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