An Inter-Species

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The Characters


Jamie: A house mouse with a heart of gold. Sometimes it glows and is visible to those with eyes to see.  He's also willing to make friends with people (human or mouse) who could prove dangerous.


Roland: A grasshopper mouse who spends most of his time outdoors but is lured inside most nights by the thought of delicious, dark cockroaches that call Nellie's house home. He's also grown fond of the house mouse, Jamie, who others in his family would eat without a second thought.


Sara: A  girl with eyes that see more than most of us do. She's gets into trouble sometimes because she takes action before thinking things through. She's sensitive and misunderstood by her mother.


Nellie: Jamie's roommate, Sara's aunt , and Nora's sister. She is an herbalist living on the farm she grew up on. She inherited it when her mom died. Now she grows herbs that she uses to make medicines and rents the back field to a nearby organic farmer. She knows about things like metaphysics and intuition as well as about herbs. She's not very tidy.


Nora: Sara's mom and Nellie's sister. She works in an office doing something that doesn't make a lot of sense to her sister, her daughter or to mice, but it does make a respectable amount of cents. She's worked hard to get there. She is a devout Christian and has trouble understanding Sara's abilities. She loves art and reading.

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